Transport and forwarding

Choosing the right mode of transport is not just about a choice between a ship, railway, truck or airplane, or even a combination of these. Our logistics professionals work out the requirements of the assignment and, based on these, then choose the most suitable alternative together with the customer.

Planning the transport begins at the customer’s premises. This is when we make sure the cargo collection will proceed smoothly. There are different kinds of requirements for packing and fastening the cargo depending on the mode of transport. For example, the conditions of the letter of credit may impose restrictions on the transportation. We help our customers to take these into account.

An optimal transport and forwarding solution is one where we help our customer to notice and take into account all the essential matters that may influence a successful delivery. It is our job to provide answers so that our customers don’t have to spend their valuable time and effort finding the answers themselves.

First and foremost we look for a solution that will satisfy our customer’s number one criterion for successful transportation. What is yours: speed, schedule, price or a combination of them all? We use our expertise and experience to build you a solution that takes your requirements and demands into account.

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