The transport and forwarding business is like piecing together a puzzle.

You have to get the right pieces to click seamlessly into place.

Our job is to find the perfect transport mode for each consignment and to foresee the unforeseen. Sometimes it may be difficult to keep cargo moving if it ends up in unfamiliar circumstances, such as struggling to survive the forces of nature or dealing with unfavourable politics or simply cultural differences.  We plan the transport solution together with the client. This way we ensure that your goods reach their destination according to your requirements, at the agreed upon price and on schedule.

Whether it’s a puzzle with dozens of pieces, or a thousand, it doesn’t matter – both are equally important to us. The more challenging the assignment, the more excited we are about taking care of it. The founders of our company have extensive experience working in global industrial enterprises. This enables us to step into our customer’s shoes and take care of their consignment the way the customer would like it to be done. That is why we are partners with people and companies who are able to meet our demands for agile and customer-oriented services.  

Our desire to provide our customers with solutions, instead of unnecessary information, is at the core of our customer service.  This translates as the courage to suggest solutions that the customer has not thought of, the ability to plan a new solution for a situation that has changed and the assertiveness to demand action from large organisations in different cultures. Thanks to our professional staff, we can assign each customer their own contact person to take care of all their assignments from planning the transport to invoicing.

We are looking for customers who play on the same team as us. Long-term cooperation brings results that lead to optimised prices for transport solutions, delivery reliability and dependability.

Always ahead

AHA Logistics Ltd

Founders Tiina Haapala and Jonna Ahkila-Niemi