Road transport

Do you need road transport somewhere in the world? You can get it from us, and also road transport to and from Finland.

We specialize in transport where road freight is part of a longer route. We also deal with express deliveries. You can also safely leave us to handle any challenging situations where the consignment has to arrive at a certain time. These kinds of demands occur when waiting for the item is very expensive. There might be a crane waiting for the cargo at a construction site, which means that every minute spent waiting increases costs.

In these situations we make sure to keep in touch with both the transporter and the consignee. Transport organised by us always includes all the necessary transport documents and the official papers required by the Customs. Our personal follow-up guarantees up-to-date information about the location of the cargo and the progress of the transport.

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Riikka Harju

Katja Alatorvinen