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At AHA Logistics, they go out of their way to serve you

Raumaster Oy manufactures conveyor systems for industrial needs. Because the company has customers all over the world, logistics are crucial for Raumaster. After all, their customers may need parts at a moment's notice.

Olli Viljanen, transport planner at Raumaster, commends AHA Logistics for always going out of their way to serve their customers well. An excellent example of this is Raumaster’s consignment to Asia, which was due to reach its destination by Christmas. AHA Logistics’ Managing Director Tiina Haapala was still working on getting the delivery to its destination on Christmas Eve.

“We had a huge quantity of conveyors that needed to be sent to Asia by air very quickly. We offered the assignment to AHA Logistics because we knew they could pull it off. Tiina immediately began to consider delivery options when I contacted her in November,” Viljanen says.

There are always special challenges involved when goods are dispatched from different addresses. AHA Logistics arranged truck transport for the products from Rauma to Helsinki airport and invited tenders from airlines. Booking the airfreight wasn’t easy, as most flights were already fully booked, it being almost Christmas.

“But Tiina sorted it out. She even managed to knock down the price,” Viljanen says, impressed.

Packing the appliances was not easy and took a long time, Viljanen remembers. The measurements of the goods changed, but Tiina struggled with the airline until enough space was organised for Raumaster’s cargo. In the end, the goods arrived at their destination just in time for Christmas.

“I can trust AHA Logistics to get the cargo to its destination on time and I never have to worry about it going missing on route. Because AHA Logistics is a small company, you get served quickly. They’re also a very cheerful bunch. I can consult them even when I’m not about to buy anything.”

Raumaster uses AHA Logistics’ services mostly for air transport. AHA Logistics organises the collection of their goods from the warehouse, the airfreight, bookings, documents, tender invitations to airlines and route planning, as well as working out the final costs in the country of destination and providing a realistic and accurate time of delivery. Viljanen highly recommends AHA Logistics for other companies too.

“What I like best about AHA Logistics is that they always think about what our customer need. We’re not just another customer to them, or a source of income among many. At the same time, they take care of our reputation by making sure that our goods arrive on schedule.”

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