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AHA Logistics provides answers, not just information

Europlan Engineering Ltd. is one of the leading project management companies within the marine industry in Finland and is involved in numerous shipbuilding and vessel repair projects around the world. Europlan offers challenging turnkey deliveries to shipyards and shipping companies, including design, material procurement and installation.  

What Antti-Jussi Kesälä, Project Manager at Europlan, likes best about AHA Logistics is that it provides answers, not just information.

“We usually give a very short briefing with our assignment. We tell AHA Logistics what needs to be transported, where from and to, and when the cargo should reach its destination. AHA Logistics takes care of all the paperwork involved with the transport and is directly in contact with our suppliers, if necessary.”

Raisio-based Europlan's main destinations abroad are shipyards in Singapore, Spain and the Bahamas. AHA Logistics has organised consignments for them to Spain, Norway and Germany, among others. Kesälä mentions that sometimes the company also uses AHA Logistics for domestic transports.

“AHA Logistics is a small organisation where everything works seamlessly. With large companies you have to call different people about different issues, but at AHA Logistics we get all our services from the same person. It's important for us to have just one contact person who can answer all our questions. She takes care of our consignments from door to door, from small airfreight packages to large sea freight shipments.”

Europlan usually uses AHA Logistics’ services for road and sea transport, but also for local freight, intermediate storage and for delivering small packages.

“Our cooperation began in late 2014 and we have been very happy with their services. We can trust that AHA Logistics will get our goods to their destination even with critical delivery times. We usually contact AHA Logistics first and they give us a couple of different transport alternatives, which makes it easy for us to decide how to proceed. Our orders are always urgent, so we need the transport price and date of delivery as soon as possible.”

Kesälä explains that he mostly contacts AHA Logistics by email. For him, it is crucial that he receives a reply as soon as possible without having to send a reminder.

“It would be awful if I had to send reminders about things in a second email. I send enough emails throughout the day as it is. Our cooperation works great, and usually all the parties involved are satisfied after the delivery.”

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